Finance Boiler Plans

Finance Boiler Plans

Our Finance Boiler Plans

We understand that sometimes a new boiler or central heating system can seem costly, especially when paying for all of the fees up front. This is why we're not just committed to beating prices, we also offer a comprehensive finance package aimed at making paying for your heating more manageable. We provide a finance package to our customers which amounts to just 92p a day! That's cheaper than a cup of coffee or hot chocolate but guaranteed to keep you warmer.

For just 92p a day/£28 a month, our finance boiler plan includes:

  • Condensing, A-Rated, Combination Boiler

  • Included in our finance package is the professional installation of a Condensing, Combination, A-Rated Efficiency Boiler. Our team of engineers are extremely experienced in installing all types of central heating systems and we pride ourselves on the highest quality of workmanship.

  • ADEY MagnaClean Micro Filtration Device

  • We will install a magnetic filtration device as part of your central heating system. The ADEY MagnaClean is installed to your pipework and uses magnets in the device to remove suspended, black iron oxide which can damage your central heating system. By keeping your heating system 100% clean, the MagnaClean will maintain your heating's efficiency and extend the life of your boiler.

  • NEST Learning Room Thermostat

  • As part of your finance boiler plan we will also supply and install a NEST Learning Room Thermostat. The NEST thermostat helps improve efficiency to save you money on your heating bill, automates your heating to your own personal specifications and enables you to control your heating remotely via your smartphone/tablet. For more details on the NEST thermostat visit our NEST product page

  • 10Yr Parts & Labour Warranty

  • To give peace of mind to our customers we also include a 10 year parts and labour warranty in our finance boiler plan. This warranty not only lasts for 10 years but also includes 24HR repairs and breakdown cover.

NEST learning room thermostat

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