The Canary Wireless Gas Detector System

Canary wireless gas detection and shut off system
IET Awards 2010 finalist

The Canary Wireless Gas Detection & Shut-Off System is the only product available to the gas detection market which offers an active, complete solution to stopping deadly gases in their tracks.

Unlike standard gas detection systems which just give either an audible or visible cue when there is a dangerously high level of natural gas, carbon monoxide or LPG present in your property, the Canary Wireless Gas Detection & Shut-Off System utilizes patented technology to shut the gas of at source too. This gives complete peace of mind in situations where an audio or visual cue isn't sufficient, for example when a homeowner is vulnerable and either unable to hear, see or act upon an alert.

In the event that the Canary Wireless Gas Detection & Shut Off System does detect gases, it will give both audio and visual alerts until levels reach a deadly ppm level. Once this level is reached a wireless signal is sent to a motorised ball valve which shuts the gas off at the source, averting danger in the home. This patented system means that no other gas detection system on the market offers this simple, yet potentially life saving solution.

Due to its shut off system, the Canary Wireless Gas Detection & Shut Off System has received praised feedback from fire departments at home and abroad. One of the most difficult issues faced with any gas fire is safely shutting down the gas source, therefore this system is a great aid in fire prevention.

Comprising of a wireless control panel (which can be linked to a total of 40 detectors at one time) carbon monoxide, natural gas or LPG wireless gas detectors, and either a gas meter control lever actuator or a motorised ball valve to close the gas supply, the Canary Wireless Gas Detection & Shut-Off System is flexible and straightforward to install. Simply place the gas detectors in rooms and areas which are best for detecting any potential gas build up. Once gas is detected the control panel will receive a signal from the offending detector, emit audible and visible alerts, and if gases reach a deadly ppm level the control panel will also send a signal to the motorised ball valve or gas meter control lever actuator to initiate shutting off the gas.

This simply but effective system offers residents the highest level of protection against carbon monoxide poisoning or the build up of combustible gases.

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Canary wireless gas detector

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