Nest Learning Room Thermostat

Nest Learning Room Thermostat

Introducing the NEST Thermostat

The NEST Learning Thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one. Utilising the latest in smart home technology, the NEST thermostat learns your heating schedule to program itself, turns down the heat when you're away and can be controlled remotely from your mobile or tablet. Via the NEST app on your mobile/tablet you can also see how much heat you used over the last 10 days and get an Energy Report every month to track and manage your energy usage.

With heating making up (on average) 65% of your energy bill, NEST's energy saving and efficiency features could help you make significant savings on your monthly energy bill.

Saving Energy with NEST

With its smart technology and cutting edge features the NEST thermostat couldn't make increasing energy efficiency any simpler.


NEST's Auto-Schedule feature allows it to learn the temperatures you like at the times you prefer and program its heating schedule accordingly.


Through its built in motion sensors, NEST's Auto-Away feature allows the thermostat to detect when no one is at home and automatically turn down the heating, so that you avoid wasting energy heating an empty home.

True Radiant

NEST uses True Radiant technology to learn how your home warms up so that you'll only use as much heat as you actually need.


The NEST's Sunblock feature allows the thermostat to sense when it's heating up in direct sunlight and automatically adapts to read and set the right temperature.

NEST learning thermostat app

Control Your Heating with NEST

NEST puts your heating controls at the tips of your fingers. The thermostat itself uses modern touch controls to make controlling your heating simple and intuitive. Via the NEST app on your mobile, tablet or laptop you can also control your NEST thermostat remotely. NEST's remote control allows you to control your heating from anywhere, ensuring that if you're out of the house you can turn your heating up so that you come back to a nice, warm home. The NEST app also allows you to track and manage your energy usage through its monthly energy reports. These reports show energy efficiency savings for each day, as well as give a detailed breakdown of your heating's temperature changes. With this level of detail you can make further savings on your energy bill by spotting any other times of the day that your home can be more energy efficient.

Never have you had so much control over your homes heating.

Installing Your NEST

It is recommended that all NEST thermostat installations are carried out by NEST Pro certified installers.

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NEST learning room thermostat

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