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Saving money made easier...

Did you know that shopping around for your energy, like you do for car insurance or a new phone package, can help you save money?
Thanks to recent reforms in the energy market, it is even easier to check your existing energy deal and decide whether you could benefit from a change.

Finding a better deal faster...

The recent changes listed below have made it easier and a lot faster for you, as an energy consumer, to choose the correct deal to suit your needs.

  • There are now only 4 core tariffs for gas from any energy supplier.
  • There are now only 4 core tariffs for electric from any energy supplier.
  • There is one pricing structure for all tariffs - this includes the standing charge plus the unit rate specified by the energy supplier.
  • Cash discounts are only given for duel fuel tariffs and for those tariffs which require the energy consumer to manage their account online.

  • Information that makes sense...

    Communications from your energy supplier will now be much clearer, helping you to make informed designs about how you buy your energy.

  • Your energy supplier will tell you which of their tariffs is the cheapest for you
  • Personalised savings messages on your gas and electricity bills, annual summaries and other communications.
  • Energy suppliers will now provide personal projections of your likely energy costs over the next 12 months.
  • Any price changes to your tariff will now be explained in pounds and pence.
  • Tariff information labels will be provided, this will make comparing tariffs much easier. The labels will contain the tariff name, payment method, charges, tariff end date etc.
  • Tariff Comparison Rates will be displayed on bills and other communications from your supplier. This rate will be based on a medium energy user and it combines the cost of a tariff into one simple pence per KWh figure.

  • Know where you stand...

    To help energy shoppers get a better deal, new rules are being enforced to ensure fair treatment and better customer service are being provided at all times.

  • Energy suppliers now have tough standards of conduct, so they will have to treat you in an honest, fair and transparent way.
  • Energy suppliers will have to give advance notification of any price changes and when your fixed term energy tariff will end.
  • No termination fee will be charged after your tariff end notice date.
  • Fixed means fixed for everyone signed up to a fixed-term energy deal on or after 15 July 2013.
  • When your fixed tariff finishes, energy suppliers will not be able to automatically rollover onto another fixed tariff, but will instead switch you to the cheapest variable tariff with no end date. Giving you a little more time to find a better deal.
  • Consumers on old ‘dead tariffs’ which are more expensive than current tariffs will be switched to the cheapest variable tariff with no end date.
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